Testing tags

Figure I’d make up a bunch of tags for now, but all ┬áhonest, and I’ll put my money where my mouth is eventually, but I can’t figure out what’s going on here in some respects, and I’m getting a bit impatient.

I am a quick study, I’m not really a Luddite, altho I admit the new technology is hard to keep up with. I don’t have a smart phone and can barely use my cell phone, but I have been using computers since 1986. And I am bright, honest. But I sure would appreciate some help. Maybe WordPress has a chat? Imagine that. So, these are the tags I brainstormed:

confused, newbie, oldie, goodie, favor, bright, luddite, quick study, droll, cranky, enthusiastic


Dazed and Confused

Still messing around with WordPress, trying to figure out exactly where my friends can find me. It seems I have two accounts, altho I only paid for one. One is sutterlee and one is suttersforte. Right now I’m on the sutterlee dashboard, I THINK! So this is a test. This is only a test. Do not touch your dial….

Blog is a clunky sounding word

Blogging sounds so much like bogged down, and is such a stifling term, I like to take off and have my say, soar around in the internet ether. And forget the word twitter, sounds like tittering old biddies, just too damned cheerful for my taste, cloying, and treacly, which is redundant, but I occasionally take part in the Department of Redundancy Department. Then there’s the word Google. Good grief. The sound an infant makes, or someone drowning.
But here I am, an official blogger, the last day of March 2015. This morning came in like a lamb with sunshine, temperature low 60s, and blue sky, and the day is going out like a lion, wind picking up, sky darkening. I see where I noted on my daily to-do, may-do, wanna-do, gotta-do should-do list on yellow legal pad that the month came in the same way March 1, sunny morning, then overcast and windy at noon, followed by billowing white clouds, and a late afternoon thunder and lightening storm and big drops pounding rain that immediately flooded the streets, then a rare hailstorm. It’s been a crazy month for me and friends, and not just regarding the weather.
So, I am STOKED that I have this blog, which was a piece of cake (I do use the occasional cliche, so convenient) to set up, and fits my budget, $26 a year. I may have ripped myself off by not waiting until tomorrow, a new month to start this, as I’ll have to pay my dues again 11 months from now, but by the time I realized it I was too far gone in the set up process. And, speaking of being stoked, a new acquaintance who grew up in Southern California but has been living up near the Canadian border at the top of Washington state tells me they use the word “stoked” to mean drunk, so they look at her funny when she says it. Told me it’s a surfer term, so I suppose that’s how it paddled into my vocabulary 50 years ago and has served me well since then.
No desire to attract a large audience with this blog. If a few friends are amused, entertained, interested or stimulated, that’s good enough for me. Even if this only serves all the above just for myself, a solipsist in my own little Idaho, that’s just fine. Now and then I may post something helpful. Having a conversation or a debate would be a pleasure, but I don’t want to, nor will I, get into an argument.